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Is it just me that thinks its too noisy?

I had some time off at Easter—real time off!—and I don't think I returned to work the same.

I recognised that I was surrounded by a lot of noise. LOTS of people telling me what I needed to learn, add, and do to make my business a success, to have a work-life balance, to be better.

Honestly, it was exhausting.

So what I did instead was withdraw. I stopped going to networking events, I stopped showing up online, and I stopped doom scrolling.

The noise stopped.

Do you know what happened next? I had the best month in my business so far. My socials didn't decline, people still made inquiries, and I was still busy!

Then I sat, did some reflection, and realised I was so caught up in people telling me what I needed, I'd forgotten that I already knew. I know my stuff! I don't know everything—no one does—and I know I've got LOADS to learn in business, but you know what? I've created an amazing life for myself so far! I have done INCREDIBLE things. I have some amazing stories and a vast wealth of knowledge across multiple specialisms, as I'm sure you do too!

And do you know what I really needed? It wasn't another day listening to someone else telling me all the things I needed to do. It was a day with me remembering that I've got myself this far, and I have the capabilities of going right to the finish line with what I started. I needed a day by myself, getting shit done!

I spent some time in the studio, sat in the spaces I've created, working, using the space as I intended it to be used.

It was bliss.

I'm dialing down the noise for a bit. So, if you don't see me popping up on socials or attending events, please know I'm still here. I'm just having a coffee in the studio, getting shit done, and you are absolutely welcome to come join me!

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