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What is she up to now?

That Alternative is open, people are using it, and the reviews are amazing!

The studio is running itself, every time someone tags themselves as working here, I get 2-3 inquires and a booking. I love it!

Upstairs the Headquarters is 60% done and the finish line is in sight.

It’s been 9 months since I took over this building, 5 months since I left my old job and not a day goes by that I‘m not reminded that I’m bonkers!

I’m currently sat in the studio, the music is on, you can hear the sound of the cameras shutter and the beeping of the lights in-between shots, the vibe is good. The photographer and model working in the studio today haven’t met before but they are talking like they are old friends; the banter is funny the laughter is real and unforced; the energy is good.

Its like this most days, sometimes I’m involved in the shoot, sometimes I’m sat in my office with the door open listening in to what’s going on while I get on with some work, and sometimes the doors shut and the headphones are on - not everyone’s music choices are approved of!

It’s not totally random that I’ve ended up here, although I have been through a major identity crisis recently when I realised there are a whole bunch of people now that know me as Sarah the one with the studio as apposed to Sarah the hairdresser, my hairdressing career being the reason for the creative space in the first place!

You see I’ve worked in hairdressing since high school (secondary school as I knew it back in Birmingham) and it has been a huge part of my life. I’ve worked in salons, as an educator, as a mentor, and most recently as an art team member. My last role saw me working in studios behind the scenes on photo-shoots. I’ve always loved watching an image go from idea to reality. I used to travel a lot for my last role, it got lonely. I decided to look for somewhere where I could work closer to home.

It didn’t exist.

I could not be the only creative in Blackpool that wanted to have use of a studio space.

I wasn’t.

Thing is they were having to travel into the city our nearest being Manchester, an hour away at least by the time you’ve navigated travel and parking, eurgh my dreams of less travel were doomed.

They weren’t.

Ill build it! I’m still not sure if this was my best idea or my worst, I had never dreamt of being a business owner, I was a creative. I liked projects and thinking of ideas and training people. I did not like paperwork.

Yet here I am who knew swapping out glitzy backstage hair shows and creating educational content for accounting, marketing, and networking would be so rewarding!

I love the studio; I love watching other freelance creatives running their businesses from my space. I love watching the gasp moments when the image comes through and it’s the shot of the day. I love being tagged in the behind-the-scenes photos of people laughing and messing around, having fun and being creative. I love the sounds, the music, the beeping, the chatter. I love the calm, the dancing about in the morning when I get in first and check its ready for the day’s visitors. I love the craziness of welcoming guests with arms full of clothes and props ready to get creative. I love watching the nerves melt away from people who are in front of the camera for the first time! As they are complimented and reassured into a place of confidence. I love listening to creatives working together, teaching each other, and creating something beautiful.

I love that I did this, I created the space for all of this to happen. My new creative home.

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